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G? Cindy Bars AQHA-583786 qhap1968sormare?/NCOI(8): 1.358414%
G? Shoe Bars Leo AQHA-253514 qhap1963buck?/NCOI(7): 1.663208% G? Baca Leo AQHA-113308 qh1959sor?/N Leo AQHA-1335 qhx1940sor Joe Reed II AQHA-985 qhx1936ch Joe Reed AQHA-3 qhx1921ch
Nellene UR0000121 hbr
Little Fanny AQHA-1572 qhx1937bay Joe Reed AQHA-3 qhx1921ch
Fanny Ashwell UR0001183 hbr1914bay
G? Dipsydoodle Milligan AQHA-3467 qh1939sor?/N G? King AQHA-234 qh1932bay ? Zantanon UR0000099 qhpr1917sor
Jabalina UR0000589 qhprbr
Little Britches H AQHA-5654 qhx1934sor Red Bug UR0000660 hbrch
Mare by Master Gould UR0001328 hbr
G? Sox's Diana AQHA-67627 qhap1956buck/dun Dun (buckskin/buckskin dun) ?/N G? Star Sox AQHA-16487 qhap1947bay?/N G? Royal King AQHA-2392 qh1943sor G? King AQHA-234 qh1932bay
Rocket Laning AQHA-39024 qh1937sor
Bobby Sox AQHA-3052 qhap1943bay Joe Green AQHA-988 qhap1940pal
Lady Yellow Wolf AQHA-1324 qh1928gru
Molly Albertson AQHA-20511 qhap1944buck/dun Dun (buckskin/buckskin dun) Yellow Buck D AQHA-120348 qhap1933dun Buck Thomas UR0000631 qhap1921ch
Waggoner Mare UR0000346 qhpr
Molly Albin AQHA-3214 qh1936buck Fred Bailey AQHA-743 qh1932pal dun
Bess UR0002922 qhpr
G? Hanky Peggy AQHA-366497 qhap1962sor?/NCOI(7): 1.397705% G? Pesky Hank AQHA-85714 qhap1958bay?/N Pesky Britches AQHA-37526 qhap1951bay Leather Britches H AQHA-20479 qhap1947bay Cowboy H AQHA-1544 qh1940ch
Flapper Gal AQHA-1891 qhap1934bay
Roxie E AQHA-8851 qh1943sor Little Mike AQHA-3476 qh1926sor
Mare by Billy Sunday UR0001379 qhpr
G? Cutie Bailey AQHA-12583 qh1947sor?/N G? Hank H AQHA-2154 qh1942ch G? King AQHA-234 qh1932bay
Queen H AQHA-1372 qh1936ch
Beauty Bailey AQHA-696 qh1932pal Old Joe Bailey UR0000477 qhpr1907bay
Mare by Yellow Wolf UR0000508 qhpr
Miss Peppy Peggy AQHA-231126 qh1958blk Rawhide Hill AQHA-39656 qh1951ch Hired Hand AQHA-2495 qh1943ch Old Sorrel AQHA-209 qh1915ch
Water Lilly AQHA-168 qh1920ch
Patos BlancasDeJaviel AQHA-23143 qh1941ch Peppy AQHA-212 qh1934ch
Tres Polcas AQHA-63 qh1934ch
Peggy Eakins AQHA-A33950 qh ? ?
? ?
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Joe ReedAQHA-3 KingAQHA-234 Buck ThomasUR0000631 Waggoner MareUR0000346 Mare by Billy SundayUR0001379 Old Joe BaileyUR0000477 Old SorrelAQHA-209 PeppyAQHA-212
RUNTIME: 0.1386 sec PER HORSE: 0.000372 sec CACHED QUERIES: 120 CACHED CALCULATIONS: 3  FULL GENERATIONS: 3 COMPLETENESS, AVAILABLE: 372/510 (72.9%) COMPLETENESS, ABSOLUTE: 335/510 (65.7%) COLLAPSE: 335 => 216 (ancestor loss: 35.5%)  PARENT RELATEDNESS (COR): 2.6758766%
0.61340332% via King 0.24414062% via Waggoner Mare 0.21972656% via Old Joe Bailey 0.09765625% via Buck Thomas 0.061035156% via Yellow Wolf 0.058364868% via Yellow Jacket 0.051879883% via Peter McCue 0.0091552734% via Little Ben Burton 0.0030517578% via Old Fred
12.5%Yellow JacketUR0000410 6.25%PeppyAQHA-212 4.6875%KingAQHA-234 1.663208%Shoe Bars LeoAQHA-253514 1.397705%Hanky PeggyAQHA-366497 1.358414%Cindy BarsAQHA-583786
6.25%KingAQHA-234(4x5) x (5) = 3x 3.515625%Waggoner MareUR0000346(5) x (6[x2]x7) = 4x 3.515625%Old Joe BaileyUR0000477(6x7) x (5x7[x2]) = 5x 2.34375%Buck ThomasUR0000631(5) x (6) = 2x 1.953125%Peter McCueUR0000057(6x8) x (7[x2]x8) = 5x 1.757812%TravelerUR0000076(7[x2]x8[x3]) x (8[x2]) = 7x 1.757812%Yellow JacketUR0000410(7x8[x2]) x (6x8) = 5x 1.757812%Yellow WolfUR0000213(6x8) x (6) = 3x 0.9765625%Little Ben BurtonUR0000483(8[x2]) x (7x8) = 4x 0.78125%Old FredUR0000225(7x8) x (8) = 3x
3.515625%Old SorrelAQHA-209() x (5x7[x4]x8[x2]) = 7x 3.125%Joe ReedAQHA-3(5[x2]) x () = 2x 2.34375%PeppyAQHA-212() x (5x6) = 2x 1.953125%Mare by Billy SundayUR0001379() x (5x7) = 2x 1.367188%Billy SundayUR0000077() x (6x7x8) = 3x 0.5859375%Lazarus MareUR0000425() x (7x8) = 2x 0.5859375%Sykes RondoUR0000031(8[x3]) x () = 3x 0.390625%May MangumUR0000064(8[x2]) x () = 2x 0.390625%Coke Roberds MareUR0000340(8[x2]) x () = 2x 0.390625%Martin's BestTB0007207() x (8[x2]) = 2x 0.390625%Lock's Rondo [Old Rondo]UR0000109() x (8[x2]) = 2x
50.00%regular/characteristics 50.00%solid/NC  * approximated using ApHC registration categories on current database listings; limited offspring with ApHC reg #s may give skewed results.
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
Abdull's Cindy Bar N323554 appM solid N/N?/NAbdull's Pok-A-Son#143460app
Grandola Bars #381223 app1982M ch ro snowflake N/N?/NAbdull's Pok-A-Son#143460app
Peggy Sleepy Bars N378943 app1980M bay solid N/N?/NAbdull's Pok-A-Son#143460app
Piece Of The Raak #407053 app1983G ch blanket & spots N/N?/NRock StarT326043app

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